by Clea

A bit about me:

I was raised an off the grid ranch along a dirt road called the Athabasca Landing Trail in between the cities of Athabasca and Edmonton, Alberta. The Landing Trail is known as the 100 Mile Portage, assumed by many to be the longest portage in Canada, where canoes were carried over the land by indigenous peoples between the North Saskatchewan and Athabasca rivers.

My father’s paternal grandparents were Scottish homesteaders in the area. His British mother purchased our farmland in the 1930’s with her salary as a nurse in the local hospital. My own mother was born in Bermuda and traveled frequently as a child before immigrating to Canada from England a few years before I was born. The ‘Blue Hills Ranch’ was created on the site of an old homestead where my parents passionately grew, raised and wildcrafted most of our family food. They had an extensive library of books and were eager to learn from many sources.

With 7 creative siblings, our house was full of music and arts. I learned to play piano and fronted our family band, eventually studying music at Selkirk College. I have written several albums worth of songs, taught music and songwriting classes and love to co-write with other singers, laughter mixing with tears as we try to snare our wily emotions into three-minute masterpieces. Much music was created at The Station Recording Company in Calgary, Alberta where my husband, Craig Newnes and I were committed to growing and developing new artists.

Clea pic3

Now we are in the season of raising our own three daughters. We live and sing out loud in the beautiful Shuswap region of British Columbia, on the traditional territory of the Secwepemc people. We continue to learn from our surroundings, support the arts in our community and make sense of the world through music. xoC